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io9This is a very fun interview by George Dvorsky about the book on io9. Sorry, self-serious Singularitarians. Jay and I both find “the rapture of the nerds” amusing.

io9: How do you respond to people who describe the Singularity as the “Rapture of the Nerds?”

R.U.: I think it’s funny! But I’m also agnostic when it comes to the Singularity. I think that people who are sure that it will happen and those that are sure that it won’t probably have similar character structures but different temperaments.

Jay: It’s a great quip, because it’s got more than a little truth in it. People enthused about any secular ideology will often think and behave in ways similar to religious zealots. I think one of the strengths of our book is that we’re not fanatical believers or cynical naysayers, so it’s a sympathetic look at these topics, but we’re not afraid to raise an eyebrow when we think it’s warranted.