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The Part Left Out of the Book

This was supposed to be included in the Addendum section of the book but got left out, apparently due to a typesetter error:

Rachel Haywire, a young firebrand performer/provocateur who brought the cyberpunk back to transhumanism with her very successful Extreme Futurist Festival (XFF) appeared to have dropped out of public life while we were writing this book. She has now returned with plans for INSTED, an event for tech world “dissidents,” another XFF in New York in 2016 and Trigger Warning, an anarcho-futurist website. Read her novel Acidexia.

Addendum to this Addendum

Ms. Haywire has started a Patreon. She writes, “Hello, godsters and mutants. It’s your favorite agent provocateur here. Your subversive cult leader from hell, and stuff....” Read the rest here.


I was a wee bit stingy with my acknowledgments in the book, mainly because I wanted my dedication to my darling Eve Berni to stand out.

So I’d now like to thank, first and foremost, James Clement for starting H+ magazine and thinking of me as a possible editor-in-chief. I’ve joked about it, but I think it was a good thing. It certainly was for me.

I’d also like to thank Dan Stoicescu for his support for H+ magazine and Acceler8or.

I’d like to thank David Orban and Alex Lightman for keeping H+ magazine going during my reign there.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank Rachel Haywire for her inspiration and for hipping me to some of the younger and edgier aspects of transhumanist culture, particularly the Grinders. Long may they grind!

Cryonics Section Correction

In our Cryonics section, pg. 59, Dora Kent went into cryonic preservation in 1987, not 1994.