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“[A] deeply informative (and wildly entertaining) trip across the transhumanist universe.”—Lisa Webster, Religion Dispatches


“A fantastic compendium on transformative technology.”—Steven Kotler, Forbes


“Sounds pedantic, but actually REEKS WITH WICKED HUMOR.”—Paul Krassner


“Cool new book, TRANSCENDENCE, on transhumanism, by King of the Freaks, R. U. Sirius.”—Rudy Rucker


“TRANSCENDENCE by R.U. Sirius & Jay Cornell is fascinating, ridiculously fun to read, and good for you!”—Mark Leyner


“The future is weird, very weird!”—Paul Saffo


“Witty, snide, and incredibly informative.”—George Dvorsky, iO9.com


“This book is a hilarious breath of fresh air: the perfect antidote for Singularitarilistic Koolaide.”—Dr. Ken Y. Goldberg, Amazon.com


“A new book deciphering the surreal truths, questionable fictions, and high weirdness of the Singularity... Infotaining, irreverent, and frequent piss-taking paperback.”—David Pescovitz, Boing Boing


“A delicious funcyclopedia of the Singularity, transhumanism, and radical futurism ... a deceptively light treatment of mind-blowing technologies and their cultural, social and political impact. This book will put your mind on fire and may do more than previous books to put transhumanist ideas on the map.” Giulio Prisco, Hacked.com


“This is without doubt the most delightful guide to the radical future. R U Sirius. Yes.” Walter Isaacson


“A fun and easy introduction to transhumanism.” Peter Rothman, h+ magazine


“Sure-footed guides through the treacherous landscapes of infinite possibility, RU Sirius and Jay Cornell are lucid, witty, and stealthily profound. Transcendence is a refreshingly pro-human report on transhumanism and the ‘Rapture of the Nerds.’” Douglas Rushkoff


“A wild tour of our possible future ... friendly, fun, and extremely interesting, even hard to put down ... creatives, circuitheads, and fans of science fiction will find plenty here to stimulate the mind.” Anna Call, Foreword Reviews


“R.U. Sirius and Jay Cornell present us with their own psychedelic guide to the galaxy in this adventurous idea-rich book, bootstrapping on emerging technologies that beckon us to take control of our evolutionary destiny and lead humanity towards radical new landscapes of mind, of dream, of cosmos, of possibility.” Jason Silva